Strategic Report for the year ended 31 March 2020

The directors of 3173 Limited are pleased to present their Strategic Report for the year ended 31 March 2020.

The activities of the group are delivered through a number of companies operated by 3173 Limited, namely:

  • Dalriada Trustees Limited (“Dalriada”);
  • Mantle Hosting Limited (“MHL”);
  • Mantle Services Limited (“MSL”); and
  • Spence & Partners Limited (“Spence”).

Review of the business

During 2019, 3173 engaged in a major project to examine, in conjunction with the companies in our group, our culture as a business and what makes us distinct. We encapsulated these ideas in a short booklet entitled ‘Above All Else’.

Our organisational goal, as outlined in ‘Above All Else’, is to provide interesting, worthwhile, and healthy careers for our people. The directors believe that if we look after our staff first and foremost, then we are more likely to achieve our commercial purpose, which is to deliver great service profitably. By focusing on this approach, we provide the best outcomes for pension savers, trustees, and employers.

To support these aims, the board has established a number of sub-groups: Mental Health and Wellbeing; Environmental; Charity, Sport and Social; and Diversity and Inclusion. The directors were satisfied with the results of the group for the year. The group carries out an annual budgeting and monitoring process, and its overall results for the financial year are consistent with expectations. The group aims to continue to deliver its developing range of service propositions, along with continuing investment in IT infrastructure and software development.