Above all else.

We are 3173

We are a little bit different and deliberately so. Our name derives from the combined height in metres of the three tallest peaks in Northern Ireland, Scotland and England, the locations in which we are currently based.

3173 is an elevated position from which to view our work and help us see further into the future.

Company structure


Our Group includes companies providing pension scheme trustee services, bespoke pensions software, consultancy, administration, governance, actuarial and investment services.

Dalriada is one of the UK’s largest professional pension scheme trustee companies, helping to run pension schemes to the highest standards.

Mantle reimagines defined benefit pensions administration and actuarial software.

Spence advises on and manages pension schemes in the United Kingdom and Ireland and provides pension consulting services (including Scheme Actuary services) to employers, trustees, pension plan members and professional advisers.

We look after our staff first and foremost, but for a commercial purpose, which is to deliver great service profitably.

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By focusing on our goal we provide the best outcomes for pension scheme members, trustees and employers.

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3173 is a little bit different and deliberately so. Distinctive, memorable and brave, it stands for much of what we do and who we are. It’s an elevated position from which to view our work and help us see further into our future.

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The higher we climb, the more grounded our clients feel. The higher we climb, the further we can see. The further we can see the better informed we are. The better informed we are the more secure our clients feel.

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3173 Limited Announces Completion of Investment from Synova into its Group of Businesses

Following the announcement made on 28 June 2022, and subsequent FCA clearance, today we are able to announce the completion of the investment from private equity firm, Synova into our group.

Report and Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2022

The directors of 3173 Limited are pleased to present their Strategic Annual Report and Consolidated Financial Statements for the year ended 31 March 2022.

Our Culture

We are very proud of the culture that we have developed since the Group was founded in the year 2000. We will continue to promote the qualities that have helped us succeed.

“Our overarching ethos is to develop a deep understanding of our customers, to be aware of the impact of our work for them, and to be determined in our responsiveness. There is a generosity of spirit in the 3173 approach to pensions and planning that sets us apart.”

Brian Spence